Magazin: Travel Book from Bariloche, Argentina

Dominik Friederich from ParkourONE is at the moment in Argentina and shares his inspirations and expericences from the training with the local community:

“I got the opportunity to take six months of unpayed vacations from my company. For a few years I wanted to visit my cousin and her husband from Argentina in their hometown Bariloche which is located in southern Patagonia and is a rather big city with aprox. 120’000 habitants. I wanted to stay there for two months and also take Spanish classes and of course train with the local community.

Two months before my travel, I started to search for people doing Parkour in Bariloche. Soon I found the Facebook-Group: Parkour Freejumps Family. I explained my plans and was friendly invited to join their trainings as soon I would be there. Thanks Mario at this time for your help an information at the beginning!

On the second day after I arrived, I wanted to explore the Spots of the city. I was warming up near the lake when another guy with the typical trousers came along. It was a very nice training and showed once more that Parkour is an universal language!

After that I trained with the guys every second or third day. They have a big active community and it was no problem to find anyone to train on every day. My Spanish skills improved and because of that I got a closer look and deeper conversations with them. They’re really interested in history and the evolution and future of Parkour.

Bariloche has really amazing Spots in the city, it was great fun to explore them. The biggest difference to Switzerland was the steady and hard wind nearly all the time. Parkour means to adapt at the environment and after a time I got used to it. My highlight was a wonderful place in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, a spot in the Forrest with lots of fallen trees, silence and visits from Chimangos (“bird of prey”) from time to time.


One of Dominiks favourite spots: The beautifull silent spot in the Nahuel Huapi national park

At the end of my stay in Bariloche I was asked to give a training for the members of the Group. It was my first time giving a training in Spanish and because of that a big challenge. I started to tell something about the TRuST system we have in Switzerland and of what parts it consists. Explaining the values according to the different fingers was really hard for me in Spanish but I think it was understandable and really demonstrative for the others. It was a great experience for both of us, I could improve my spanish and was challenged during the whole training. The others had a totally different class and became new ideas and techniques to train. Thanks again guys for this unique and very special experience!


Dominik explains the values of Parkour according to TRuST


Dominik is correcting the position of leg and feet during the mobilisation


Dominik show’s how a mobilisation accourding to TRuST looks like


Happy faces after the first TRuST ParkourONE-Training in Bariloche

Comment from Tomi (“trainer” of the group) to Dominik: it is hard to write from the heart, but if there is something that I consider valuable of being told is that in spite of belonging to different countries and cultures, our heart is the same and we are very thankfull for everithing that we could share this summer, while I don’t only considerate you a great traceur and training partner, but also a very good friend and became another member of our group.

At last, I think that it would be good to farewell white a quote from Khalil Gibrán in his book “the prophet”: the reason and the passion are the sail and the rudder of your traveling souls. If the sail or the rudder breaks down, you can’t do anithing but shake and go adrift between the surf rage or stand still in the middle of the sea. Because the reason, when ruleing alone is a limiting force, but if the passion don’t travel whit it, the passion becames a fire that burns itself down.

Tomi & Mario you’re doing a great job with spreading & sharing the philosophy of Parkour to to people there! In the conversations I realized soon you’re on the same page as we in Switzerland, I really really like that. Keep up your good work and if you have any questions or need help, contact us.

Thanks to you all to make my stay in Bariloche unforgettable. Thanks for the nice trainings, the conversations, improving of my Spanish, drinking Mate, going out, the hospitality and inviting me for birthdays, go camping and so on. Thanks a lot / muchisima gracias: Tomi, Mario, Pablo, Elias, Ivan, Lucas, Johnson, Ariadna, Rodri, Maxi, Nico, Gaston, Leo, Nico, Agustin and all the others!”

– Dominik –

Information about the Group “Parkour Bariloche”: The Group exists since 2011 and gives free classes on Saturday and Sunday since 2013. Many of the Group are goingt out to train about every second day. Right now the Group consists of 17 persons between 11 and 26. The goal is to teach and keep the original values of Parkour. Many of the Group are doing Tricking at the same time but they all understand that these are totally diferent disciplines. It’s very important to be aware of this difference and don’t mix up the disciplines. Parkour Bariloche

Dominik with a few members of the local Community with a great view over Bariloche

On the way to the next wonderfull spot in Bariloche

Enjoying Night Life after the birthday party of a group member

What a wonderfull view from Cerro Campanario

This is just a dream for Dominik – he loves meat – so this is how a typical Argentinian-Grill, called “Asado” looks like

What a wonderfull place on earth: “Lago Gutierrez”