Magazin: Invitation from Egyflow – ParkourONE Trip to Cairo

Simon, Philipp, Michel and Samson were invited to Cairo, Egypt to spend time with the local community from Egyflow – Samson is sharing now his impressions with us, which are realy worth to read:

“A couple of days have past since I came back from Egypt and I had some time to sort through my thoughts and memories – to much happened in 5 days to recall it all, but i want to take the time to mention some special moments and say thank you!

– Ahmed & Sobhey, thank you for inviting us to Egypt! –

We all felt very welcome and cared for during the whole trip. The days were packed with action. I don’t think i ever experienced so much in so little time. Starting Friday with an awesome morning at the pyramids. Finishing it with a hit to the back of my head with a steel-bar (fucking scaffolding). I am amazed how good the shaky scaffolding turned out and in the end it was worthwhile working until the morning going to bed at 7 just to get up two hours later for the jam.

Thank you Simon, Michu and Philipp for the amazing collaboration. It was the first time that i helped plan and coach for an event of this size and with so many unknown variables. I am really pleased with our work – not only did we have 3 unique, different and exciting workshops with 50 people each, we also had 2 hours of Hell Night with more than 100 people sweating, screaming and laughing.
The ease with which the four of us worked together (for the first time!) to plan 11 hours full of new experiences, the day before the event, and the structured and nearly flawless workshop is a testament to the qualities of the TRUST coaching.

Finally thanks to Egyflow and everybody else in the background who helped organize this, thanks to the Egyptian Parkour community and every single person who participated in the event.
You guys & girls were amazing!! So attentive and appreciative of what we came to share. Many of you did 9 hours of workshops in 2 days (after a day of jamming) and finished it of with a 2 hour hell night, some only could make it to a single workshop, but everyone of you paid close attention and worked hard, no matter if it was his first day trying Parkour or his third workshop in a row. So awesome that we had complete beginners as well as very experienced Traceurs and even some older participants (up to 50 years of age) in the workshops.
It was beautiful to see how many of you valued our wish to keep with the timing and there were three times as many on time for the third workshop as there were for the first.
And I hope next time we can start all the workshops on time. 🙂

It was very nice to spend the evenings out in the streets of Cairo, eating delicious meals, drinking juice and talking about Parkour, culture, dreams and aspirations. My last day sandboarding in the desert really gave me the opportunity to make a personal connection to many of you and learn about your culture.

You guys have a lot more knowledge and experience in Egypt than you are aware of. You have some experienced and dedicated people working really hard for Parkour and a beautiful community. Go to these people if you want to learn more and support them because they are doing a great job!
Don’t be in a hurry you are on a good way, take your time to develop slow but steady.
I wish for you to not only remember the skills and methods we taught but also the values.

I am looking forward to come back and train with all of you again – I learned a lot from the community and from my fellow coaches in the last week.

To everybody outside of Egypt: If the Egyptian Parkour community invites you to come, take the opportunity and run with it. You will have nothing short of an amazing time. Thought you will go home deprived of sleep, because day and night will be packed with action, but you will be well fed with amazing food at any time.

Samson ParkourONE”


PS: After reading this Simon, Michu and Philipp told me that I was able to express how they felt about the experience and asked me add them to the text.

So from all four of us: Thank you Ahmend & Sobhey for the opportunity! Thank you Egyflow and everybody involved in the event for the effort you put in and the amazing time we had in Cairo! We all enjoyed the experience and will talk about it for a long time!!

Here some impressions from our trip and the workshops:


What a great picture from the massiv pyramid!


Stick in the traffic jam of kairo – poor driver Ahmed


Kairo, Egypt – what a big city it is!


Beautifull landscape in egypt with the dessert and little oasis in between.


Let the workshops start – so many motivated people came the the three workshops!


Our workshops started – a perfect stari for quadropedie with Samson as Coach.


First Workshop with a very motivated group of people – look at their faces – you were so great!


Girls helping girls – great to see that Parkour is inspiring people to move all around the world!


Second workshop – still very motivated people – your did a great job!


You see the pyramides from far away – very impressive!


All in town you find fresh fruits or other delicious food directly beside the street


Third workshop – it got already dark in Cairo but people are still full of power and happiness – shukran for coming to our workshops!


Let the Hell Night start – we were more than 100 Tracers – thats even more than we could imagine! WOW!!


Dessert rocks – great dunes, crazy people, a lot of fun!!


The hospitality from our friends in egypt was just amazing!!


And look at these faces – how good must this food have been!!


Michel in the holly kitchen from Ahmeds Mum – where all the delicious food were cooked – thank you so much!