Valentin Dubois (Episode 9)

Valentin was born in Paris but spend his youth until the age of 17 in Madagascar. He is Training Parkour now for 10 years. He participated in the french Ninjawarrior were he is know to be the „last man standing“ and in the highly discuseed FISE Parkour Worldcup Event in Hiroshima 2018 were he became 5th and injured himself during his final speed run. He describes himself: „Parkour Athlete, traveling the world to become stronger.“

About PKast:
The PKast (Parkour Podcast) is a mix of interview and conversation about Parkour. My name is Philipp Raasch and I am member of ParkourONE in Cologne, Germany. I have been teaching and practicing Parkour since 2003. During the past three years I travelled a lot and had the opportunity to talk to many traceurs around the world.