Samuel “Ultima” Govindin (Episode 10)

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About Samuel:

Sam loves to discover new places, even more natural ones than big cities. He sees Parkour as a way of improving himself in general. A tool to discover, use and explore his mental and physical possibilities as good as possible. A way to keep playing with his environment no matter where he is, to keep this childish spirit that gets lost too often and too easily. He also loves to share his experience and hopefully inspires people to get into Parkour as he thinks that everyone can take advantage of it – one way or another. We had a talk about creativity in Parkour, old generation and new-gen Traceurs, competition and Parkour Parks and obstacles made for pk.

About PKast:

The PKast (Parkour Podcast) is a mix of interview and conversation about Parkour. My name is Philipp Raasch and I am member of ParkourONE in Cologne, Germany. I am teaching and practicing Parkour since 2003. During the past three years I travelled a lot and had the opportunity to talk to many traceurs around the world. There is a Podcast-Feed where you can listen to every PKast:  PKast is now on SPOTIFY and iTunes. Just search for „PKast“.


1:35 Who are you?

2:55 How much time do you put into your videos?

5:25 Did you learn video editing?

6:00 Do you move different then many other people?

8:20 How do you approach a difficult jump/move? Do you set goals for yourself?

10:20 What is your attitude if you go to a new spot?

11:10 How do you commit to a jump? (Alex May)

15:55 Do you think more about the consequences when you become older?

17:20 What is the new generation? Are you part of the next Gen?

19:50 Do you have some principles like in the old days (doing a jump 3-times etc.)?

24:10 Are you worried about the future of Parkour? What is in 20 Years?

26:50 Do you have any contact with the founders, because you live in Paris as well?

27:55  What was your first Parkour video? Do you have idols?

29:50 What was you latest Parkourvideo you saw?

30:55 How did Parkour changed your life?

34:00 Can you live from Parkour?

55:25 What do you think about competition?

1:05:40 Places build for Parkour: Whats your point on this?

1:10:20 Do you think indoor spaces or obstacles build for Parkour limit you creativity?

1:13:40 Stupid questions. 

1:16:25 Why do you wear jeans?


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Host: Philipp Raasch 

Thank you for the Intro: Deniz Bozkurtan (composition of the audio), Julie Angel, Stephane Vigroux (for the intro audio). 

Thanks for lecturing this episode to Fabian Schubert.