Marcello Palozzo (Episode 3)

The PKast (Parkour Podcast) is a mix of interview and conversation about Parkour. My name is Philipp Raasch and I am member of ParkourONE in Cologne. I have been teaching and practicing Parkour since 2003. During the past two years I have travelled a lot and had the opportunity to talk to many traceurs around the world. This is the second podcast from a series of 12 podcasts. In the future, there will be a real audio-podcast of this series.


Marcello Palozzo is first of all a Parkour practitioner from Italy. He has a Bachelor degree in Sport science and he is currently studying an MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St. Mary – Twickenham. He is also an ADAPT certification tutor and student of the Ido Portal Method. On top of this is a public speaker and teacher in parkour and generalist movement in workshops worldwide since 2012.


The talk was recorded in April 2017. Visit Marceollos Blog: Giulio Hesse from is in this podcast as well.


Marcello Timestamps 00:10 Please tell us where we are and who you are? 00:42 Who are you? (Giulio) 1:10 When did we meet the first time? 3:40 Do you think we will lose the Parkour passport somewhen? 6:50 What is Parkour? (for you?) 8:40 How did you get into Parkour? 12:00 Are you and ParkourWave „avant-garde“ in Parkour? 18:15 What is the root of Parkour for you? 21:50 What is your goal in coaching? 30:15 How guided should training be? 36:00 For how long do you coach? 36:20 How did your coaching change? 41:50 What would you advice young coaches to become a better teacher? 45:00 Do you think it is okay to coach Parkour? 45:30 Did you have a Parkour teacher yourself? 53:30 What are you learning/discovering at the moment? 57:45 What is your point on shows in Parkour? 1:02:10 What is your opinion on competition? 1:11:40 How do you plan your lessons? How do you get new ideas? 1:13:30 Is there anything you want to share? 1:20:05 What do you think about training in Parkourparks vs. outdoors? 1:31:10 What is Parkour like in 20 years? 1:37:00 What are you going to do in 20 years?


Host: Philipp Raasch Thank you for the Intro: Deniz Bozkurtan (composition of the audio), Julie Angel, Samson Saathoff & Stephane Vigroux (for the intro audio). Thank you for keeping on track: Fabian Schubert, Martin Gessinger and Samson Saathoff. Explicit thanks to Valentin Mayer for your help for this episode.