Jesse Danger (Episode 6)

„Jesse Danger believes everything is a game and that play is the highest form of mastery. He doesn’t believe in time or injuries. He believes everyone gets better at whatever they do. He believes that building community is the easiest way to grow.“


The PKast (Parkour Podcast) is a mix of interview and conversation about Parkour. My name is Philipp Raasch and I am member of ParkourONE in Cologne. I have been teaching and practicing Parkour since 2003. During the past two years I have travelled a lot and had the opportunity to talk to many traceurs around the world. This is the second podcast from a series of 12 podcasts. In the future, there will be a real audio-podcast of this series.


Timestamps: 1:05 Who are you? 1:30 Where did we meet? 1:45 Who are you, Samson? 2:52 Can you do a backflip? 2:54 What is the most dangerous jump you did? 3:55 What kind of shoes do you wear? 4:00 Who is you favorite Traceur? 5:14 Who is the best Traceur? 5:30 How long do you train? In which Phase of Parkour are you? 8:00 What is Parkour? 9:00 What do you mean to you grow through Parkour? 11:40 Do you have an example wehre you delivered a lesson? 14:00 How often do you coach Parkour? 15:00 How do connect your Ideas and your inspiration beside Parkour with Parkour? 17:10 How do you come up with new ideas? 19:00 Do you think you are creative? Or do does the creativity comes from the structure? 26:25 Is there a difference between games and play? 30:27 How do you relate to competitions? 40:00 Samson Frage: ??? 44:15 Did you ever participate in a Parkour competition? 49:54 Samson Frage: ??? 51:10 How do you feel making e-mails? 52:45 Samson Frage:??? 55:20: What do you study? Book recommendations? 57:40 How do you relate to obstacles made for Parkour? 60:00 Why is it uncommon to teach Parkour outdoors in the US? 1:01:20 The way you want to go is?




Book recommendations: Katie Bowman – Movement Matters John Ratey – Spark Joe Dispenza – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


Host: Philipp Raasch Co-Host: Samson Saathoff Thank you for the Intro: Deniz Bozkurtan (composition of the audio), Julie Angel, Samson Saathoff & Stephane Vigroux (for the intro audio).