Oliver Thorpe (Episode 1)

General Part: The PKast (Parkour Podcast) is a mix of interview and talk about Parkour. My name is Philipp Raasch and I am member of ParkourONE in cologne. I teach and practice Parkour since 2003. The last 2 years I traveled a lot and hat the possibility to talk to many Traceurs around the world. This is the first podcast from a series of 12 podcasts. There will be a real audio-podcast in the future of this episodes.

This podcast: My first guest is Oliver Thorpe from Denmark. He started Parkour in 2006 in Australia and moved later to Denmark. He is working as a civil engineer. He participated in an competition (Apex International) and is a sponsored athlete from Etre-Fort. This Podcast was recorded during the International Gathering 2017 in Denmark.


Host: Philipp Raasch Thank you for Intro: Deniz Bozkurtan (composition of the audio), Julie Angel, Samson Saathoff & Stephane Vigroux (for the intro audio). Thank you for keeping on track: Fabian Schubert, Martin Gessinger and Samson Saathoff.

Timeline 0:43 Who are you? 4:01 Do you work full-time? 4:15 First time we met? 4:47 Can you do a backflip? 6:00 What shoes do you wear? 6:31 What’s your most dangerous jump you did? 9:09 Why do you commit so fast on jumps? 15:34 Who is you favorite traceur? 17:14 What is Parkour? 19:21 Do you have a credo/saying? 21:45 What do you think about competition? What was your experience? 28:24 Would you like to see a speed course competition on the International Gathering? 32:08 What do you think about obstacles made for parkour? 42:15 Do you do jumps you did before and are now afraid of? 43:08 What should people know you for?