Bogdan “Boki” Cvetkovic (Episode 8)

Boki is a Parkour practitioner since 2003 and a Parkour pioneer in Serbia. He is a head coach in “Parkour Serbia” in Belgrade and he is one of the founder of the Parkour Serbia community. Bogdan often cooperates with foreign communities and is involved in workshops and lectures in Serbia and abroad. He is a sponsored ETRE-FORT athlete. He graduated at the Faculty of sports and physical education in Belgrade, Serbia. Bogdan enjoys reading books, nature and travelling.

The PKast (Parkour Podcast) is a mix of interview and conversation about Parkour. My name is Philipp Raasch and I am member of ParkourONE in Cologne. I have been teaching and practicing Parkour since 2003. During the past two years I have travelled a lot and had the opportunity to talk to many traceurs around the world. This is the eigth podcast from a series of 12 podcasts. In the future, there will be a real audio-podcast of this series.

Time Stamps 1:03 Where did we met? 1:58 Who are you? 3:14 Who is the best Traceur? 4:25 What was your most dangerous jump? 6:38 Where is your favorite Spot? 7:25 What animal would you compare yourself with? 9:29 Why do you commit so fast? Why are you so strong mentally? Are you special? 17:54 Why do you train? Why do you move? What is your goal? 23:46 Why are so many people quitting Parkour? 32:56 Your coaching: What is happening when you coach? 35:28 Did you know that you want to coach? 36:23 Is there a coach you want to learn from? 38:13 Was there a point where you had a big change in how you teach to people. 42:09 How Parkour did Parkour change recently? What do you expect? 42:40 What is Parkour for you? 49:44 What is your point on competition in Parkour? 58:07 What is your point on Parkour Parks/ obstacles made for Parkour? 1:04:00 Boki question: Is there a topic I am recently thinking about? 1:15:10 Coaching. How do you plan your trainings? How do you get new coaching ideas?



Host: Philipp Raasch Co-Host: Samson Saathoff, Alexandros Charos Thank you for the Intro: Deniz Bozkurtan (composition of the audio), Julie Angel, Samson Saathoff & Stephane Vigroux (for the intro audio). Thanks to Mathias Fritzen for the idea for the name of this podcast. Thanks to Johannes Schulte for checking this episode.