Sébastien Foucan

Bild: Sébastien Foucan mit Phosky Pedro Léon Gomez

In his youth Sébastien Foucan and his friends practiced an extension of childplay in their town, they called it ‘Parkour’ with reference to ‘Parcours du combattant’ (Obstacle courses developed by French military).

Soon Sébastien felt limited and noticed weaknesses, so started his own quest, reflecting on his practice and feeling what was right for him. He began to understand where the feeling of fear comes from and how to control it. He drew inspiration from the processes of Bruce Lee in his own practices. Sébastien structured his Parkour discipline by naming the different techniques and defining the fundamental elements. He felt there was another dimension to his way, a philosophy similar to Martial Arts and he began including it naturally in his

Quelle: www.foucan.com