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ParkourONE as a community unites tracers in the German-speaking area, especially Germany and Switzerland. According to the founding purpose of the community the “ONE” in the name stands for the motto “ONE for all and all for ONE”.

ParkourONE offers the possibility for committed individuals to sustainably support the development and establishment of Parkour. An important part of this mission is the ParkourONE Academy, where Parkour is learnt, taught and researched. By this a perception of Parkour has been developed – with the teaching/learning system TRuST as the basis.

The ParkourONE Charta gives a detailed overview of the development and the position of ParkourONE.

Every ParkourONE member …

  • spreads Parkour according to TRuST in the name of ParkourONE,
  • is an active part of the community and shapes it according to the motto „ONE for all and all for ONE“,
  • lives her/his passion for Parkour,
  • is approachable and by this provides an access to the Parkour culture,
  • develops herself/himself and contributes to the development of the community,
  • is sustainably involved with ParkourONE without any conflict of interest,
  • contributes to at least one of the community goals.
As the community ParkourONE, we …

  • always provide free-of-charge offers besides our paid offers,
  • teach Parkour according to our teaching/learning system TRuST,
  • constantly develop and improve TRuST,
  • research Parkour scientifically,
  • are involved in social projects,
  • grow and progress by inspiring others to participate and by entering into cooperations,
  • offer opportunities for personal and professional growth,
  • promote trust and friendship as the basis of our community.